A passionate advocate for financial inclusion, economic development, and a former Finance and Business Executive at IBM, Carmelle is now the Founder and CEO of EMTECH, a Fintech For The Modern Central Bank . The company recently launched a new initiative, Project New Dawn, which presents “A Digital Cash Infrastructure For All” concept to address the underbanked problem in the U.S. With former regulators, technology experts and innovators as Advisors, Carmelle is building a portfolio of modern central bank software that delivers a more inclusive and resilient financial infrastructure. For the last 3 years, Carmelle worked on Digital Currency technologies and strategies for the purpose of addressing financial inclusion and lowering the cost of cross border payments. As a thought leader in the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) space, Carmelle engages with Central Banks from Africa to the Caribbean to enable their transition to the digital currency era in an inclusive way. A native of Haiti, she speaks French and Creole. Carmelle was also selected as an Inspiring Fintech Females 2019 by NYC Fintech Women, and is considered a pioneer in her field.


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