David Ritter is the CEO of Penta Global Blockchain Foundation. Mr. Ritter received his degree in financial and sociopolitical history from the University of Southern California. Fluent in Chinese and French, he spent ten years in private equity, doing fund management and cross-border investment. He served as Project Director of DGI, where he managed a variety of fund projects with a portfolio value of more than 1 billion (USD), with marquis projects in Melbourne and New York. David also managed a Hollywood P&A Fund in partnership with major Hollywood studios. Mr. Ritter was invited by MIT as the blockchain expert at its Global Startup Workshop forum in 2018. An early-phase investor of Bitcoin, David has also served in an advisory capacity to many projects in the blockchain space. Recently, Penta became the first blockchain project to successfully use a token to purchase shares of a publicly listed company. David currently sits on the board of ASX listed CCP Technologies. David is also an active philanthropist.


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