As an impressionable youth, Marcus Lemonis read the description of Entrepreneur to his mother from the dictionary while working on a school project, which inspired him to challenge himself and make his dreams come true. His humble beginnings and journey through life represent the heart and soul of what true entrepreneurism is. Although he was not born in America, he is proud to be living the American Dream through hard work, determination and believing; striving to take risks and show initiative while motivating people to do their best not by telling them what to do, but rather by showing them how to do it. Those who have had the chance to hear his story through his moving speaking engagements would say that he is humble, down to earth and 100 percent brutally honest.

On CNBC’s reality series, The Profit, which returns in 2017, Marcus lends his business expertise to struggling businesses in various industries across the country while using his famous people-process-product principle. Through his 3P mantra, he analyzes every business by the quality people, whether they have an excellent and relevant product, and the best possible process for creating, delivering, and selling that product. Over 4 seasons of The Profit have aired since July of 2013 and more than $40 million dollars of his own money has been invested into helping these small businesses, and after experiencing tremendous success, his mission continues. While many people frequently call him the “business turnaround king,” he will be the first to say that he really helps people with tough love so they can use the experience to inevitably succeed. His new show, The Partner, will also premiere in 2017, in which candidates from diverse business backgrounds will compete for the opportunity of a lifetime – a position working alongside Lemonis and an equity stake in a multi-million-dollar company.


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