Dave Hendricks is the founder and CEO of Vertalo, a Liquidity Enablement Platform working with Custody Platforms, Broker-Dealers, Exchanges, Issuers and other digital asset and tokenization technology companies on problems related to SEC and FINRA Compliance. Prior to founding Vertalo, Dave cofounded LiveIntent, the largest programmatic email advertising platform in the world with more than 3000 publisher clients serving real-time email ads to more than 100 million daily average uniques. A long time executive in 1st-party marketing solutions, Dave was EVP Sales and Marketing for Cheetahmail, where he and Vertalo cofounder William Baxter helped create the world’s largest email service provider, later selling it to Experian in 2004. Before CheetahMail, Dave ran the world-wide relationship between Arthur Andersen and Oracle corporation. At Arthur Andersen, Dave worked on several large securitization projects, including a major project with JE Robert and Goldman Sachs, where Dave led the tech team building securitization databases for the Resolution Trust Corporation to help clean up the mess created by the Savings and Loan crisis in the 1990s.


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