For a limited time eToro will pay for your $299 ticket to LA Blockchain Summit and Draper Goren Holm will give you $100 in Bitcoin.

eToro and LA Blockchain Summit have partnered to spread mass adoption of blockchain technology and enable EVERYONE to attend our mainstream focused, world-class conference, regardless if they can afford a paid ticket. In addition, Draper Goren Holm will give every attendee $100 in Bitcoin to learn about Blockchain.

Step 1

Open a new eToro account.

Step 2

Buy at least $50 of your favorite cryptocurrency on eToro.

Step 3

Attend LA Blockchain Summit in person or virtually (October 6-7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center) and get $100 dollars in Bitcoin at the conference, simply for attending!



* eToro free ticket Terms
1. New eToro accounts only.
2. US residents only.
3. Only accounts that have purchased at least $50 in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency traded on eToro are eligible to receive a free ticket to LA Blockchain Summit. Ticket details will be emailed to you from eToro within 3-5 business days of making purchasing at least $50 dollars in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.
4. Only people who sign up from this page are eligible for a free ticket.
5. By participating in this promotion you are giving eToro explicit consent to share your name and email information with LA Blockchain Summit for the purpose of receiving the free ticket.


* $100 in Bitcoin Giveaway Promotion Terms:
1. This promotion is operated by Draper Goren Holm, LLC the producer of LA Blockchain Summit.
2. This promotion is run separately and independently from the eToro limited free ticket promotion.
3. This promotion can be redeemed on-site or online during the hours of the summit.
4. The BTC amount which the $100 dollars will convert into will be determined at the time of redemption at current market value.